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Keep Moving and Stay healthy

Our morning martial arts program is designed for adults and seniors looking for a low-impact, full body workout to keep your muscles and bones stronger for longer.

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Rather than the more-intense traditional classes we have in the evenings, our morning program is designed as a low-impact alternative accessible to everyone.

This class is great for those who:
- Looking to get active
- Looking to maintain muscle/bone health
- May have a previous chronic injury
- Have schedules more suited to mid-late morning classes.
- Want to learn exercises they can also do at-home on their own


Our morning classes begin at 11AM and start with a consistent routine:

- Full-body warm up
- Low impact cardio
- Upper Body/Core Exercises
- Lower Body Exercises
- Stretching

After this, we add some variations to each class! Sometimes its basic self-defense, other times its useful exercises for coordinating the body and mind better! In any case, there is sure to be something for everyone!

10 Minutes
00 Seconds
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Privacy Guaranteed

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