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Kung Fu has more benefits than almost any other activity! It can:
- Increase self-confidence
- Increase focus and concentration
- Build and maintain physically fitness
- Teach kids how to deal with bullies and strangers
- Help kids socialize while still progressing at their own pace
- Provide them a positive outlet for their energy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are classes?
Your child will have classes lasting 30-45 minutes depending on their age. They will also have make-up options available should you have to miss a class.

How long does your program last? Is it seasonal?
As long as you choose! Our classes are all year round, and our subscriptions are month-to-month! This means you can be a part of it until you decide otherwise!

Will my child do well with Kung Fu?
Part of the enrollment process is to have your child come to the studio for a tryout class! This will help us to best serve you and your family!

What Do I Need to Know After I Enter My Info?

What Happens After I Submit My Info?
Once we get your info and survey information, someone on our team will reach out to you via the communication preference you chose in your survey answer. We will confirm with you of your interest in a tryout class, answer questions you have, and schedule a tryout class for your kiddo!

Leading Up to Your Tryout
We will send you a confirmation message for your appointment as well as directions to our studio. We will also send you reminders for your class with us, as well as a picture of the instructor that will be meeting with you.

What Should I Expect at the Tryout?
Once you arrive, you will head through the front entrance and your instructor will be waiting right inside to greet you and show you around (if you can't find us, give us a call and we will help you). They will then take you to the studio where we will help you get situated and start the tryout!
From here we will ask them a few get-to-know-you questions and test your child on different skills.


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